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One thing that makes all of us similar is that we all are different, and have a wonderful approach to beauty. We all our beautiful, with tiny bits of imperfections. Same thing goes for our body types. For that reason, I find shapewear the essential accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. I am a big fan of shapewear and boyshorts as it not only gives a much sleeker and smooth appearance to my body but also boost my self-confidence and poise. It is extremely necessary to know your body type and wear a perfect shapewear accordingly, as only then it’ll properly enhance your curvy figure and natural body shape. I wasn’t aware of my particular body shape for so long and used to wear whatever looks best to me. Well, telling you by my experience, this certainly is not the best way to shop shapewear. First of all, knowing your body type will help you pick up a good looking dress for you. Because not every dress is going to look best on everyone. You might have noticed this thing when two different celebrities wore same clothes, and one inevitably carries it well than the other. It all is a matter of your body type and what will look best on it.

Similarly, a perfectly fit shapewear is the most important piece of clothing to accentuate your body shape as well as your dress. It is why I love to have some flawlessly fit shapers in my wardrobe. There are many shapewear available in the market, for all body types. But first, you must calculate your body shape and then shop one.

Types of Female Body Shapes

Each and every body type has some particular beautiful features in it, but the most desirable for western women is hourglass or diamond shaped body. Well, whichever body shape you belong to, an appropriately chosen shapewear, according to your particular body shape and size, will enhance your features and helps you to look more stunning and attractive. Depending upon the bust, waist and hipline measurements, female body shape falls under four broad categories.

  • Apple (Triangular or Sapphire) Shape
  • Banana (Straight or Emerald) Shape
  • Pear (Ruby/ Spoon/ Bell) Shape
  • Hourglass (Diamond) Shape

No matter which body shape you belong to, you don’t have to worry about any bulging or bumpy parts of your body, as there is a whole wide range of shapewear available in the market for each body part. A properly fit, and accurately sized shapewear will not only help you to trim and hide out any of your rough parts, but also enhance the beauty of your overall figure. I would recommend you to wear some comfortable shaper according to your body shape. As I’ve stated earlier, I didn’t know much about body shapers previously and didn’t use to wear one. Similarly, I always remained curious about what type of dress will suit me, or how to give an enhanced beautiful appearance to my body. With banana shaped body type, which is straight, I had a real difficult time to feel appropriate. But with the use of suitable and body fitting shapers, I had amazing effects, and eventually, I was able to feel comfortable and look good on my skin. So, I would highly suggest every woman wear some perfectly fit, own size body shapers to enhance your beautiful features in a gorgeous way.

Body Shapers according to Specific Body Shape

For every body type, there are much specific shapewear available, including many different styles, colours, and varieties. According to general perception, shapewear is not any fabric that is skin fitting, and that squeezes down all the fat of the body. Rather, being a skin fitting garment, if wear beneath the proper dress, and on correct body type, it will shape up your body’s natural look in the most comfortable and stylish manner. So, let’s find out what sort of shapewear is suitable for which body type.

body types

Banana Shaped Body: Well with this body shape, you might feel thin and straight most of the time. As you got a waist, breast, and hipline of similar size. You can take Victoria Beckham, or Cameron Diaz as an example, and look up for them, that how do they dress up themselves. Here, the key is to wear a body shaper that tone down your waist and enhance your breast and hips. For that, you must go for a strapless body wrap or high waist full body control brief. This shapewear will beautifully camouflage unnecessary distractions and will give an overall composed look.

Apple Shaped Body: This is also called as sapphire or triangular shaped body. With this body shape, you’ll have larger top body area, with smaller bottom half. Think of Drew Barrymore or Oprah for example. In this body shape, women tend to have chubby arms, and not properly defined a waist. So the best shapewear will target your upper portion of the body and will give a proper shape to your waist. For that reason, high waist control brief is highly recommended, and that will give a firm control and posture to your body. Other than that, wear some camisoles and shaping tips to tone up your shoulders and arms.

Pear Shaped Body: Women with pear-shaped body have smaller upper body and larger lower part. Most of the solid curves are on the butts, thighs and hips area. With smaller waist and breast, a perfect shapewear will shape up the lower portion of your body. For that pickup control leggings, waistline slimmer, or bike shorts.

Hourglass Body Shape: a woman with this shaped body have balanced measurements from top to bottom. Here, breast and hipline are of an even size, with a super curvy waist and round butts. With this body shape, there is nothing much to tone down or enhance. You just have to pick up a shapewear according to any body part you need to smooth in particular. A full body suit will perfectly accentuate diamond shaped body. To have slim legs, you can choose thigh slimmer or leg shaper.